The Harmful Delusion of a Singular Self ~ Gregory Berns

Gregory Bern’s has just released a new book: Self Delusion: The Neuroscience of How We Invent – And Reinvent – Our Identities. I had the honour of reading the book before publication and discussing it with Berns himself. Interested in listening to the conversation? You can find it on the On Humans –website, or listenContinue reading “The Harmful Delusion of a Singular Self ~ Gregory Berns”

Distorting Darwinism – or What Evolution Does not Tell us About Humans

 Evolution can shed light on the human condition. But scepticism is needed when bleak claims are declared from the armchair. In this essay, published in the Skeptic, I explore ways in which Darwinism has been distorted by forcing evolutionary terminology onto the human psyche.

Is it acceptable to wish harm on another person?

Another Reddit answer. Coincided with Trump’s visit to the hospital. Touches on various ways to see ethical dilemmas, as well as the negative health effects of cultivating hostility. Question: Let’s say a person dying will indirectly cause me to be happier. I say that there is nothing wrong with simply wanting that person to dieContinue reading “Is it acceptable to wish harm on another person?”