On Humans – Podcast

What kind of animals are we?

The On Humans -podcast explores the science and philosophy of what it means to be a member of this peculiar species. Each episode presents a deep dive with a leading scholar. Topics range from the anthropology of war to the psychology of love, and from the science of wellbeing to the evolution of morality.

Season 1

Snapshots of Our Guests

Patricia Churchland
The founder of neurophilosophy joins us to talk about the neuroscience of ethics, drawing a surprising link between warm-bloodedness and morality. (Out now!)

Oded Galor
The author of Journey of Humanity sketches a sweeping theory of our economic history, which attempts to explain how humans became so incredibly wealthy and so tragically unequal

Douglas P. Fry
Is war natural to humans? The anthropologist behind books such as “War, Peace, and Human Nature” says no – and offers surprisingly robust evidence for it.

Philip Kitcher
Why care about right and wrong? The eminent philosopher presents his theory of ethics, which regards moral philosophy as a technology to solve social problems. (Out now!)

Kristen Hawkes
Why did women evolve to live beyond menopause? The grande dame behind the “grandmother -hypothesis” explains why this sets humans apart from other primates.

Bernardo Kastrup
Where do humans fit in the larger cosmos? The computer scientist and philosopher discusses non-duality, idealism, and his case against materialism.

Ruth Feldman
A jazz-musician turned neuroscientist discusses her research on the ways that attachment can literally synchronize our brains. (Out now!)

Scott Barry Kaufman
The host of The Psychology Podcast joins us to discuss his work on motivation, personal growth, and Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

Robert Sternberg
The legendary psychologist discusses his inspiring work on the triangular nature of both love and hate.

Michael Shermer
The host of one of the world’s most popular science podcasts explores the good, the bad, and the conspiratorial side of human nature

Anna Alexandrova
What can science tell us about well-being? Dr Alexandrova, a philosopher of science at Cambridge, joins us to discuss.

Helen Fisher
The anthropologist of love explains why romantic love is not the invention of medieval poets – and why even the elderly can feel genuine passion.

Gregory Berns
The neuroscientist behind books such as “What is it like to be a dog” discusses personal identity, psychopathology, and the making of the “I”. (Out now!)

More guests to be announced
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